1. What is Gotta Gectcha Gacha About?

Gotta Getcha Gacha is a unique weekly sales event. Every Friday, for 72-hours, a store will offer a recently designed Gacha for half off the normal price. This can mean, 50% off the original pull price and/or 50% off a full set (copy- no trans and/or no trans -copy), of your choosing!

Store owners simply need to pick an item and set the price accordingly. It’s a great way to encourage traffic back to stores and get customers to purchase gacha’s in-store again. In addition, to offering a new innovative way to purchase gacha’s at a discounted rate during the weekend sales craze. My hope is the temporary price drop allows all gacha addicts to pull to their pixel hearts content without the guilt. While supporting their favorite creators across the grid. In addition, is a warm thank you to customers who have supported your creations over time but may not have had chance to collect all items during release.

  1. Will creators update gacha’s to contain updates ; new bodies, textures, BOM, etc.?

Its not required but highly recommend. I think this would be a great time to update past gacha’s to include updates so customers can wear or utilize their favorite items today?

  1. How old are previously released gacha’s?

We recommend items released within the last 6 months but no older than a year.

  1. What are full set gacha’s?

Full Set Gacha’s are complete sets set at market rate for the entire set. We highly recommend that creators offer an opportunity to purchase at 50%. In addition, create full sets with with either copy- no trans and/or no trans -copy options.

  1. How can I apply for this event?

Please see event form below

  1. Is Gotta Getcha Gacha accepting bloggers/vloggers ?

Yes, please IM me Inworld ( cloutchaser806) or see contacts for Event Administrator details

  1. How will I know what items will be available for sale?
  • See website or join group to receive weekly notecard